The project addresses the issue of cyber violence in schools since this is rapidly growing problem in most European countries, especially as the latest technological developments, grouped as ‘web 2.0 technologies’ incl. Social Networking Services (SNSs), have created a breeding ground for subtle forms of media violence, which has become more pervasive and intense over the last years.

Against this background, the action pursues the following key objectives:
- to enhance young people’s understanding on how new social media work and to equip them with necessary media techniques as well as social and conflict resolution skills that ensure their respectful, responsible, safe and creative usage.
- to empower schools to foster and maintain a healthy and positive school climate which greatly reduces and prevents behaviour related problems such as bullying and cyber bullying.
- to increasingly empower educational staff and parents in their use and understanding of social media and their inherent risks for children and youngsters.
- to enlarge the knowledge base on cyber violence in the school setting and to promote the development of tools for effective prevention and reduction.
- to increase public awareness about the prevalence and effects of cyber violence in the European schools.

The project will be carried out by 8 NGOs from 5 EU Member States (DE, IT, PL, SI, HU) which will all closely cooperate with local partner schools. Mutual learning, exchange of good practices as well as training activities will directly involve 60 NGO staff, 600 teachers, educators and school managers as well as 6,000 pupils. Awareness raising is expect to reach a far large audience, approximately 20,000 young people inside and even outside of Europe, 1,000 teachers, trainers and educators and 20,000 other interested citizens.