Current projects

The project addresses the issue of cyber violence in schools since this is rapidly growing problem in most European countries, especially as the latest technological developments, grouped as ‘web 2.0 technologies’ incl. Social Networking Services (SNSs), have created a breeding ground for subtle forms of media violence, which has become mor(...)

The fast development in today technology has not only positive aspects. Young people and adults spend a lot of time in front of screens and computers - often more time than what is suited for a healthy lifestyle. As a consequence, many times we experience unbalance in personal life as well as in social interactions.

There are more and more p(...)


Fiore Association was co-organizer of the summer camp for teenagers, partly funded thanks to financial means received from our generous donors.

Camp took place in Trzcianka beetwenn 5th and 12th of July, 2014. It was intented for young people under the age of 18. During this time, particip(...)


This project focussed on the specific role of the arts in adult education. The project supported partnerships of institutions working in adult education and promoted the exchange of their representatives. Twelve civil society organizations from 10 EU Member States (AT, CZ, DE, ES, HU, IT, PL, RO, SL, UK) together shared this lifelong learning experienc(...)


Fiore Association was involved in helping young volunteers to gather necessary funds for taking part in the 10th editi(...)


Europe and the world are in economic crisis. There is no doubt today that the direct cause of this situation is a crisis of values and principles, which began a long time ago. Especially today, Europe needs young people who are well educated, can speak foreign languages, have extensive professional competence and also are guided in their lives with uni(...)


"Cultural Identity of the Young as the Wealth of European Community" is a project organized by Fiore Association and co-funded by the financial means of the Youth in Action Programme National Agency in Poland. The meeting of the young people was held between 16th and 24th of August, 2014 in Trzcianka (Mariapoli Fiore). The aim of this project is to mak(...)

In past years

On 10th and 11th of December the Fiore Association organized the public fund-raising to help a community center of the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Lublin. Group of volunteers, children and adults, had prepared the figures of the Infant Jesus that were handed out to exhibitors and visitors during the Christmas fair. At the same time, the volu(...)